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RE: [DS] Vehicle Generator

From: "Owen Glover" <oglover@b...>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 21:58:26 +1100
Subject: RE: [DS] Vehicle Generator


I would be most interested in looking at this Excel tool! Save a lot of
pencil work for sure :-)


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> Since I haven't posted here in some time I hope I've addressed this
> message correctly.
> I just wanted to let the list know that I've finished a Dirtside
> generator for Excel.	It's based heavily on the work Schoon (and
> have done for Full Thrust.  In a nutshell you plug values into cells
> which calculate the point costs, capacity, etc.  The workbook has some
> effective error checking routines, so if you were to exceed size with
> armor you would be warned of the design flaw.  The design sheet
> it's values to data card, which contains all design's weapon ranges,
> types, etc.  There's even a handy infantry worksheet.
> If anyone is interested in a copy, contact me off list, and I'll be
> to send you the file.  Finally there were a few of you whom I promised
> send my finished work, when I was still in the development stage,
> unfortunately I've lost that list of address so you should contact me
> also.

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