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[FT] WotW 2: EMP Weapons

From: "stranger" <stranger@c...>
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 11:01:33 -0500
Subject: [FT] WotW 2: EMP Weapons

I've been following the EMP thread somewhat this week.	While I have no
problems with complex game systems, I do play FT because of it is simple
provides myriad tactical options.  It seems that the EMP rules being
proposed are far more complex than they need to be.  Something Beth
me about, is the need to try and keep things to simple die rolls as much

Lists and such items only require more book-keeping, or additional
charts to
the game, whose beauty is in its simplicity.  Focus on the situation,
the rules.

Now, my limited knowledge of EMP is that its an area effect affect. 
suggests creating a template of some given radius.  Anything in the
is subject to the effect of the EMP.

The EMP effect, most simply, could be a threshold check on all systems.
Those that fail are down until DC brings them back online.  Core systems
shielded, so they are immune to all EMP checks.  Shields are elewctronic
systems, so nothing suggests that they should be immune or grant
EMP wepons should:

1.  Be expensive.
2.  If an EMP weapon fails a threshold check, it should immediatly apply
EMP area effect.  This makes EMP weapons very dangerous to carry, and
explain their rarity.  If an automatic detonation is too much to
give it a chance to detonate, using some sort of mechanic like the power
core machanic.	Each turn the EMP weapons is "down" there is a chance
it will go off, subjecting the ship, and anyone else in the area to
affects.  Gotta keep those EMP weapons securly shielded and well-taken

Anyways, my two sense.	I'd like to see a mechanic that introduces new
tactical options without increasing the complexity.

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