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Re: FMAS names

From: Jerry Han <jhan@w...>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 15:44:39 -0500
Subject: Re: FMAS names

Jon T. wrote:
> So, should FMASk have a separate, "really cool" name (like Killzone,
> Shockforce et al?) If yes, than anyone got any good ideas that haven't
> used already? I've brainstormed over this for hours with friends many
> times, and no-one can think of anything that sums up the game and
> really good but hasn't already been taken!!

"Barclay, Tom" wrote:

> Just some ideas that sounded neat to me. Dirtside and Stargrunt both
have a
> certain flare. So does Full Thrust, though it leads to many lewd
> comparisons. Hopefully the name for this game will conjure to mind
> unit combat and the excitement of man-to-man games...

Hmmmm.	It's actually kind of a shame, because Stargrunt is probably a
more appropriate name for man to man skirmish games than the squad 
game it is right now.  (8-)  

That being said, I think FMASk has a nice ring to it.  Problem is
marketing in North America (where the term 'Anorak' is not really
in wide distribution (8-)).  Actually, that raises a title
suggestion:  "Full Metal Warrior"   Or some play on the 
"Warrior" theme?  (Use 'Full Metal Gladiator' and take advantage 
of the hype that's sweeping the Oscars this year.  (8-) )


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