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Names for FMASk

From: "Hudak, Michael" <mihudak@s...>
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 14:56:48 -0500
Subject: Names for FMASk

The only one I can think of is FMA-FFA	(Free for all).

I'd say, 'An army of one', but the US Army took that one....  :-)

All my other ideas get weaker after that......

Mike Hudak

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> Subject: RE: FMA necromunda scirmish level rules
> >Yes. That is why I usually abreviate FMA Skirmish as FMASk.
> So, should FMASk have a separate, "really cool" name (like Killzone,
> Shockforce et al?) If yes, than anyone got any good ideas 
> that haven't been
> used already? I've brainstormed over this for hours with friends many
> times, and no-one can think of anything that sums up the game 
> and sounds
> really good but hasn't already been taken!!
> ("Street Level" was an early idea, but there were comments 
> that it sounds
> like a bad Leo Sayer album from the 70s.....	)  ;-)
> Also, given the generic nature of the rules, we don't want a 
> name that ties
> it to too tightly to the urban/street/cyberpunky/necromundary 
> type skirmish
> alone.
> We're open to suggestions!!
> Jon (GZG)

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