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Re: Pendraken 10mm SST Mini Pix!

From: Glenn M Wilson <triphibious@j...>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 21:05:47 EST
Subject: Re: Pendraken 10mm SST Mini Pix!

On Thu, 15 Feb 2001 10:56:20 -0600 Andy Cowell <> writes:
>In message <>, 
>"David Reeves
>" writes:
>> Hi All,
>> a friend of mine sent me this link for Pendraken 10mm Starship 
>Trooper minis
>> .  they have 
>> humans, warrior bugs and tanker bugs (but no Hoppers -- rats!).
>10mm?	Is there a lot of 10mm Sci-Fi gaming?  Why don't these people
>invest their time and energy in a scale more people play, like 15mm?
>Ah looks like the bugs would fit in 15mm pretty decently.

Uh, nice patronizing tone.  And no, I am not  "<grinning>"  since it
seems pretty clear you are dismissing the 10mm gamers as 'marginalized'.

If I mis-read you Andy (and it's easy on the written word) then tell me
and I will apologize.  But it certainly comes over that way...

Maybe there is a more then sufficient number of 15mm (like 25mm also?)
manufacturers? <grin>  Perhaps, like the Russian agricultural system is
not the lack of 'food' (miniatures) as much as 'transportation' 
(miniature marketing/availability.)

FWIW, I am in the process of selling off all my non-skirmish* game
figures  and working on replacing them with 6/10mm figures.  The 6mm
figures are for games with compact and/or large armies (Renaissance,
linear pre-Napoleonic, Nappies,  ancients (what few I will be keeping,)
MAW, and ACW eventually.  I want there to be a clear difference between
my skirmish games and my 'battle' games.  Granted in certain regions
(especially Europe perhaps) the tradition of 15mm figures has many
with significant sized armies but for various reasons I have no desire
step down/up to that scale.  

*(I consider Ratner's Space Marines, Stellar Conflicts and Uprisings,
Starguard, Star Grunt II, Pig Wars, Chainmail, and Matchlocks on the
Warpath examples of skirmish whereas Dirtside 2,  DBR/DBM, War Games
Rules 3000 BC to 1485 AD, the micro armor rules of Strike Legions,
possibly Tricolor, Tricorne (Bunger 1977) and the majority of board
to be 'battle'.  Haven't decided on TSATF yet, there is a lot to be said
for 'cheap' plastic 1/72nd colonials...)

The argument of what determines the 'best' scale is age old (25 vs. 15
vs. 20 for example in the 1970's) but as for 10mm Science Fiction I look
forward to the continued development of the scale in SF battle games. 
Since it's SF there is room to mix scales to represent different
races/species I can for see mixing 10mm with other scales.  Also, some
people will look at SF battle games and just not see enough 'detail' in
6mm figures or too much cost in 25/20/15's and may find 10mm their cup
tea.  As the prices for GW/Foundry (and others in the future I have no
doubt) become excessive (yes, that's my value judgment showing) in cost
the shorter scales will become more palatable.	I think 10mm will
certainly initially grow faster in historicals or even fantasy then SF
but over time, who knows...

Currently it is 15mm SF that is invisible in my small corner of the
world.	Even the GW guys don't have any 15mm lines that I know of... Yet
they (GW) does seem to be working on 10mm figures
(fantasy/pseudo-historical/historical  yes but in GW terms there is a
definite blur between what defines SF and Fantasy from what little I can

Gracias, Glenn/Triphibious (American Mongrel)
You don't have to be French to be a 'frog', or even human!
Nektons - Real Marines! (Die, Ralnai, Die!)
Starguard, Dirtside 2,	Ratner's Space Marines, Stellar Conflicts
and Uprisings, and Full Thrust/2nd.  Resistance is everything!

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