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Re: [FT] Cloaked Rules - rewritten

From: Beth Fulton <beth.fulton@m...>
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2001 09:53:26 +1100
Subject: Re: [FT] Cloaked Rules - rewritten

G'day George,

 >Cloaking functions as per the More
 >Thrust Rules with the following change:
 >Ships are no longer required to
 >declare a length of time in cloak.

So they don't have to preplot movement then?

  > -1 per thrust used by scanning vessel.

So faster moving ships can detect cloaked ships better, why?

 >  -1 per thrust used by the uncloaked
 >ship using the most thrust.


 >If successful roll, immediately move
 >the cloaked ship closest to the
 >detecting ship

So are they plotting their movement on a sheet of paper, how do they
which is closest (OK I'm being picky but I juts know this is going to
come up).

 >Ships may fire dumb weapons at the
 >DETECTED vessel....
 >Needle Beams...Basically, if the
 >weapon is guided, steered, or in any
 >other way is homing, it cannot be used.

I just always assumed that because you were designating a target system 
that this counted as the equivalent of homing so to speak.


Is there any other way you can do this????? Maybe if your detection roll

was <half that required (so if a 4 was needed and you rolled a 2 say).
avoid book-keeping like the plague!

 >This sounds a lot harder than it is!

It would want to be! ;)
Seriously if you can think up an easier way of handling this...

 >A Fire Solution is automatically achieved
 >for the closest cloaked ship.


 >For the next closest vessel, if the
 >lowest remaining dice is a 5 or less.....

This seems like its awful easy to find at least a few targets per turn,
the fact the ships can fire cloaked probably makes up for it. I'd be 
tempted to make it harder for scanning ships to find cloaked ships and
it much harder (say add a couple of range bands to the real distance to 
target) for cloaked ships to fire.

 >If you do not wish to allow cloaked vessels
 >to fire while cloaked, then consider "jamming"
 >space for 1d6 turns per ship that actively scanned.
 >While space is jammed, no passive detection is possible.

For that ship or all ships???

I was playing devil's advocate a bit here, but I do think you need to
back on the bookkeeping aspect and penalise cloakers and scanners a bit 
more in the active scanning stuff.



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