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[FT] Cloaked Rules - rewritten

From: "stranger" <stranger@c...>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 20:06:24 -0500
Subject: [FT] Cloaked Rules - rewritten

Even though I haven't seen my Detecting cloaked vessel proposal pop in
I have reworked them, and wish to present them herre for comment.  I
not play tested them as yet, but plan to do so on the 24th.  Hope to
the rough edges off of them by the list by then.  So, without further
comment, here are Detecting Cloaked Vessels:

Cloaking functions as per the More Thrust Rules with the following
Ships are no longer required to declare a length of time in cloak. 
follow the detection procedure:

FIRE PHASE:  Just prior to firing all ships roll 1d6 to detect.  The
must be less than the DETECTION VALUE for a successful detection.

DETECTION VALUE=Thrust used of cloaked vessel (so that a vessel that
accelerated by 2 and turned by 2 has a detection value of 4).

  -1 per thrust used by scanning vessel.
  -1 per thrust used by the uncloaked ship using the most thrust.
  *No Detection is possible through the aft arc of a ship using main
  *No detection is possible if a Nova Gun effect is still in play.

If successful roll, immediately move the cloaked ship closest to the
detecting ship as per MT rules for uncloaking (it is still cloaked) to
current position and place a DETECTED marker next to it.

Ships may fire dumb weapons at the DETECTED vessel, counting the range
DOUBLE (or add 12", whichever is greater) the actual range.  Dumb
are:  Beam Batteries, Pulse Torpedoes, Needle Beams, Submunition Packs,
K-guns, MKP Packs, Scatterguns, Stinger Nodes, Lance Pods, Leech Pods,
Spicules, and Pulser Batteries.  Basically, if the weapon is guided,
steered, or in any other way is homing, it cannot be used.

FIRE CONTROL SOLUTION:	Cloaked vessels may be fired at normally if a
Control Solution can be achieved.  In any turn that a cloaked vessel is
detected, and has been detected by more than one vessel for 2 of the
last 3
consecutive turns, or 6 of the last 10 conecutive turns if detected only
a single vessel, a Fire Control Solution is achieved on the cloaked
In this case all weapons, to include fighters, may attack the cloaked

Keeping track of the turns of detection is easily accomplished by using
pair of different colored dice.  Designate one dice as the COUNT dice,
the other as the TURNS dice.  The first time a cloaked vessel is
place each dice near the DETECTED marked with 1's showing.  Every phase
which detections are normally attempted increment the TURNS dice by 1. 
the cloaked vessel is detected increment the COUNT dice by one.  If the
TURNS dice is at its maximum value (3 for a multi-ship detect, 10 for a
single ship detect), then decrement the COUNT dice each turn the cloaked
vessel is not detected.  If this would result in a value of zero, remove
dice.  If the COUNT dice is at its maximum value, do not increment it. 
TURNS dice is not changed once it reaches its maximum value.  This
sounds a
lot harder than it is!

ACTIVE SENSOR SWEEPS:  These rules assume all detection is passive.  If
are willing to let cloaked vessles fire, or give them some other benefit
while cloaked then use this rule as well.

Ships may perform ACTIVE sensor scans for cloaked vessels.  In this
roll a number of 1d6 equal to the number of cloaked vessels.  A Fire
Solution is automatically achieved for the closest cloaked ship.  Remove
lowest dice.  For the next closest vessel, if the lowest remaining dice
is a
5 or less, then a Fire Solution is achieved on the next closest cloaked
vessel.  Continue this pattern (third ship needs a four or less on
dice) until a Fire Solution is not gained.  The remaining cloaked
remain hidden and are UNDETECTED this turn.  Because of the "noise"
sensing is not possible on a turn in which a vessel attempts active
scanning.  If more than one ship goes "active" then roll a ship at a
for each scanning vessel.  Note that a roll of SIX always fails to find
cloaked ship.  Also note that any cloaked vessel that a Firing Solution
found on has now fullfilled 3 (or 10) of the counts required to gain a
Solution and the dice (or whatever means is being used) should be
changed to
so indicate.  Players should declare how many and which ships are
scanning before rolling any dice.  Players then roll one ship at a time,
alternating if more than one side is hunting.  Ships declared active,
active scanning, even if they found no cloaked vessels, or all cloaked
vessels were found before dice were rolled on their behalf.

Active scanning ships may be fired upon by cloaked vessels, found or
Any cloaked vessel not detected that fires is marked as detected.

If you do not wish to allow cloaked vessels to fire while cloaked, then
consider "jamming" space for 1d6 turns per ship that actively scanned.
While space is jammed, no passive detection is possible.  The scientific
explanation could be background "noise" generated by all that energy
into space conducting a search.

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