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RE: In praise of Cottage Industry

From: "Casquilho, Daniel" <Daniel.Casquilho@d...>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 14:33:03 -0800
Subject: RE: In praise of Cottage Industry

	David, thanks for your input. I was glad to see someone that
it could be done. 
    Your web site looks great.

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From: David L. Dunn - DLD Productions
Sent: Tuesday, February 13, 2001 8:43 AM
Subject: Re: In praise of Cottage Industry

I wholehearted agree that GW is in it for the money, and not the hobby.
When I first started my "company", I was told by SCORE, (a branch of the
SBA) that what I have isn't a business, it's a hobby! Just because I
pull in $30,000 a month, or even a year in sales!  I bust my hind every
Not Monday thru Friday, everyday, to keep my orders up, and my stock
and new ideas flowing.	I don't know, but it sure feels like a business.
When the bottom fell out of the model making aspect of the movie
industry, I
was left with, "what do I do now?"  I'm in it for the hobby folks. I
great pride in the work I produce, and even more when I make a sale, and
ship it! I'm not afraid of expansion, because I will have control of the
pulse.	I do all of the work myself. Everything. R&D, casting, trimming,
art, advertising, shipping, and I still have time for doing web site
I cannot comprehend how a "company" can do business without photos, or
something for someone to look at.  I'm not going to "buy sight unseen". 
wouldn't expect my customers to either. Yeah, I might be a "Cottage
Industry", or a guy in a garage that was turned into a shop, but I can
create a web site with photos and color and form. [even tho I stumbled
all of it! :o  ]  And I have had no training on web design.  It's not
If I can do can others.....if they want and care to.  Digital
cameras are the way to go by far! We have a scanner, but it takes so
long to
scan, when all I have to do is click the camera and remove the disk and
TaDa! Photo. It's real simple! 
What I'm trying to say is that I wish that more companies would care
about the customer than, "How many sales we can do in a month". After
it's the customer that makes that sale. And without them, there is no
It's the GW mentality that brings gives the Gaming Market a bad rap. 
get burnt by GW's switch-o-change-o of rules and therefore doesn't have
want to "try" a new company (GZG). I guess I'm a little torqued at
GW.....wonder why....(hundreds of dollars wasted because of this rulez
change or that...grrrrrr) 
"Up With Cottage Industries, Down with the suits!" 
<sorry for the rant! It struck a nerve> 
David L. Dunn 
DLD Productions 
"Striving to Make Your Gaming Real"

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