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Re: [FT] WotW 2: EMP Weapons

From: Beth Fulton <beth.fulton@m...>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 12:14:55 +1100
Subject: Re: [FT] WotW 2: EMP Weapons

G'day guys,

 >EMP Weapons:
 >Ion Cannon [Dean Gundberg] (Star Ranger's Crossover Web Page)
 >Mass and cost same as Class 2 Beam. Symbol is Beam symbol with "I"
 >of number. Range 0-10" roll 2d6, 10-20" roll 1d6 - beam dice. Each
"hit" is
 >not marked off the damage track but instead is the number of threshold
 >the target ship must perform.

I don't mind this idea as the potential is limited, but if we could
the need for a list somehow. The cost might be a little low though?

 >EMP Mine [Paul Wellman] (Sam Penn's Website)

I'm not a fan of you hit you test all systems, unless there is some 
mechanic mimicking how hard it is to get to a threshold check (like 
Charles' idea).

 >Pulse Cannon [Paul Wellman] (Sam Penn's Website)

Bit long ranged I would've thought and again its got the hit everything

 >Scrambler Pulse [Noam Izenberg]
 >Effect: As EMP Missile. Can target Missiles and Fighters

Don't mind the intercept idea, but its also got the effect all systems 

 >Temporal Distortion Gun [Noam Izenberg]
 >(Oerjan) Extra paperwork to keep track of which systems are downed
 >temporarily and will "autorepair" at the end of the *next* turn.

I'm with Oerjan on this one.

 >Powerleech Missile [Noam Izenberg]
 >Up to 3 systems total can fail. threshold order dictated by firing
player -
 >stop check when total is reached. Even if no threshold fails, the
 >level of the target is increased by 1. I.e. if the 1st row of boxes is
 >finished, roll threshold as if the 2nd row had been finished.

I'd drop the automatic threshold increase bit, but the first bit sounds 

 >Ion Pulse Weapon (IPW)
I like this idea, though I'd make it more expensive.... and once again
we could get away from the list I'd like it even more!

Just my 2 razoos worth


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