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Re: FT-Fire arcs

From: "thurvin" <thurvin@n...>
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 16:01:47 -0600
Subject: Re: FT-Fire arcs

Hi, Folks,
I scraped this rule for ease of play, once I switched to FTFB. (I play
a lot of new players, I have enough to teach them.) It was more hassle
it was worth in FTFB, IMHO. It made sense in the old rules. Granted with
standard ships, you were limited to couple of 1 and 2 you were rarely
win a
battle with that. Compare what the frontage firepower of most ships it
wasn't a big difference from being disarmed. I know, the rules lawyers
design a ship that would upset this apple cart. They can do that with
rule. ( I am firing my arc mount class-3) With advanced drives of the KR
SV, it would too difficult to rule about it.
Just my unwarranted opinion.

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Subject: FT-Fire arcs

> Oerjan Ohlson wrote-
> >Sure. You can't launch through the (A) arc unless you use the
> >Rule: Aft-Arc Fire" on FB1 p.4, but there's no reason why the
> >couldn't point that way.
> >Note that your "FP/P/AP" arc stretching from straight ahead to
> >aft would get its "AP" arc truncated since it overlaps the normal (A)
> >arc.
> Uh, I though that the rule was that if drive was used, the AFT arc
> be fired through (60 deg), if you say that it`s all the aft arcs
> (AP/AFT/AS), the area uncovered increases to 180 deg, whereas the
> arcs in FT covered 90 deg. If you say you cannot fire through any aft
> the blind zone doubles!. I think this needs clarification, is it 60
> (which sounds reasonable, compaired to the original 90 deg), or is it
> deg (which would double the blind spot).
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> strong in arms, thick in head"

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