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[FT] BFG Conversion Notes

From: "stranger" <stranger@c...>
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001 20:31:24 -0500
Subject: [FT] BFG Conversion Notes

In my search for a BFG Lance look-alike, at the suggestion of several
I checked out the Skunkworks, and found two items that may fit.  The
Beam, and the Meson Gun.  I noticed that no balancing notes appeared on
them.  Anyone using them currently?

I also came up with my own ideas, and tried to balance it against a
class 3
beam.  The thing to note is that in BFG, the Lance does consistent
all along its range, yet cuts through armor very easily.

Two ideas I'd like to bounce off the list:

Lance:	1d6DP, -1 damage for each screen level, -1 damage for each full
of range to target.  Half Damage (round up) is applied to ARMOR, the
reminder to HULL.  MASS 4 +1 / extra arc.  COST=MASSx3.

Lance (v2):  1d3DP to 36".  -1 Damage for each screen level.  Only first
damage point comes off armor, the remainder to HULL.  MASS 4 +1/ arc.

The math indicates that against unshielded targets, both versions will
more damage on average than a class 3 beam, against class 1 shields the
averages are even, and against class 2 shields, the lances are less
effective than beams.  Also, the first version of Lance does much more
damage at closer ranges, then falls off behind the Class 3 beam past
So, on paper, they appear balanced, but I would like some other


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