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Re: [Semi-OT] Making alien terrain

From: KH.Ranitzsch@t...
Date: 06 Feb 2001 07:41 GMT
Subject: Re: [Semi-OT] Making alien terrain

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> > I've also painted up the blister packaging off kids toys before 
> > and we're  all set to do some styrofoam and artist's board 
> > carving. Have we forgotten	any other cheap material??

Just about any sort of plastic packaging can be turned into terrain 
with paint, bits and pieces and imagination, especially at DS II scale. 
Containers for food make nice buildings, joghurt cups can be towers, the

plastic bubble strip for pills malke small bunkers.

Also seed pods and pine cones can be converted to alien habitats, 
vehicles or vegetation. And I guess Beth's marine biology lab could
some interesting looking stuff for the same purpose.

> Go to your nearest large hardware/do-it-yourself store and take a 
> slow walk down the plumbing aisle. All sorts of interesting pipe 
> shapes, end caps, and whatnot. Good industrial park scenery > 

And fasteners for fixing screws in walls make good missiles/ towers/ 
spaceships (depending on their size and your scale)

Paper or thin card can be shaped into angular structures

I've been toying with the idea of covering objects in that shiny 
silvery holographic gift-wrap that's now seen everywhere.

Karl Heinz


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