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Re: [Semi-OT] Making alien terrain

From: Jon Davis <davisje@n...>
Date: Sun, 04 Feb 2001 18:56:25 -0500
Subject: Re: [Semi-OT] Making alien terrain

Beth Fulton wrote:
> G'day guys,
> Derek and I are just about to embark on a major terrain building phase
> I was wondering if anyone had tried making terrain out of "spray
foam"? We
> got the off cuts from a friend who was insulating her guinea pig hutch
> they looked a lot like rock formations.
> I've also painted up the blister packaging off kids toys before and
> all set to do some styrofoam and artist's board carving. Have we
> any other cheap material??
> What have others used?
> Thanks
> Beth

It sounds like your on track with the foam insulation and the foamcore
Both are common terrain making materials. Another material is standard 
cardboard, but that's used primarily for bases.  You can also use thin
plywood as a base material.

I've seen a number of "geomorphic" sections of urban terrain mounted on
2' x 2' thin plywood which allows for configurable terrain pieces.

I'm currently interested in making terrain for FMA scenarios in order
to simulate counter terrorists operations.  Foamcore is my preferred 
choice for the base and walls for a three story embassy building.  I'm
also envisioning a large one story villa for a drug lord assassination

Unfortunately, I'm still busy getting prepared for the ECC convention
next month, so I'll have to wait until March.


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