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Fumes, MC's as protection, and GW LotR & Age

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Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 20:15:53 -0600
Subject: Fumes, MC's as protection, and GW LotR & Age

(even with surgeons/sanders mask)

Not surprising that this wouldn't help, as those filter particulates,
fumes. Have you tried gas mask or other activated charcoal breather, not
that I've certain knowledge of it's effectiveness in this case? Have to
agree, a venting hood would be best.

By the way, a friend at work has been clinically dead at least twice
his asthma; others may find the thought of following a hobby in a gas
as amusing. In our department, we know better.

>[Tomb] Inestimable author, I must disagree with thee. Motorcycle units
>have historically been toyed with have learned how to drop the bike,
>behind it, and use it as cover and a firing rest if need be. Ideally
>does not like to have this situation occur,

No, one probably should find better cover than something which is mostly
petrol-filled tank. ;->=

GW/Citadel produced a interesting range of figures (a range of
based Micheal Morcook's characters, for example).

While I don't have an LotD, I do have a small unit of Melnibonean
I assumed they are the obvious precursors to elves/eldar, rather than
Tolkien variety, but I could be wacko. I think I used to have a Moonglum
around, but can't find him.

By the way, Derek, even though I envy your youth, and would lose major
parts to drop the decade and a half 'tween us, I still think you have
responsibilities. How dare you allow a mere child such as Beth alone on
dark, nasty internet! *heh heh*

 >'I fear that we have wakened a sleeping
 >giant, and filled him with a terrible resolve.'

Oh don't mind him, the grumble from his caveman mode is much worse than
bite ;)

While I delight in the thought of fellow curmudgeons on the list, I was
really trying to see if anyone recognized the quote. I may have bashed
it a
bit, but as it was a translation anyway, I figured I didn't have to go
for exact wording.


-Douglas J. Evans, curmudgeon

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