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Re: modelling thanks

From: Corey Burger <burgundavia@c...>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 20:41:29 -0800
Subject: Re: modelling thanks

The Canadian dollar is not "yet" that worthless!


At 07:46 PM 1/31/01 -0600, you wrote:

>The only one that perplexed me was 3 pennies as a tree base.... The
>are 6" tall and about 1" across at the base... that'd be kind of a feat
>get on one penny, or even three. It'd also be tippy. I'd think anyrate.
>I ended up having trouble with that myself. At first, I was thinking
>British pennies, then noticed something about Canadian dollars. ;->=
>I'd think three pennies in a triangle MIGHT work with a lot of buildup
>around them, but I'd say one of the wanking big washers would be a
>(You know, my girlfriend, a wee bit more matured than I, used the term
>'wanker' around some Indian(subcontinent kind) resident alien
>They were SHOCKED; 'Oh, no, you don't mean to say that...'
>They didn't realize she could use American equivalents with equal
>At the size of a quarter or better, you'll finally find it more
>I missed the one about ribbon cable. You're right, sounds AWESOME!

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