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Armour bypass weapon

From: Colin P <colin@i...>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 12:10:16 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Armour bypass weapon

> I get the impression that a lot of the new weapons suggested or
> introduced over the years ignore shields, slowly making shields
useless. How
> about some weapons that are affected by shields, but do ignore armor
> other protection ?

My suggestion -

  Electrically charged plasma torp.

The torpedo itself has no explosive charge, merely providing propellent
force, targetting and a confinement field for the plasma.

The plasma is charged electrically before firing, and discharges upon
impact with the target.  This causes no damage to the armour, but the
electrical discharge causes all kinds of problems to the internal

Unfortunately, screens exert a force upon the charged plasma, often
causing it to miss the target entirely.

Game mechanic - Fired like a pulse torp, but subtract the screens level
  the target from the roll.
  Damage - d6 damage applied directly to hull.

  Sa-vasku can have this damage applied is if it were used biomass.
    (The discharge affects extremities most, which can be easily ejected
and reformed)

  Phalon multi-layered armour acts like an insulator, but the energy and
heat of the plasma will cause fusing between the layers - whilst initial
shots will cause NO damage, they will damage the layers in such a way
further shots are more effective.
   Game effect - each hit by a eplas-torp causes 'fusing' between the
layers (write the word fused between the 1st and 2nd layers, then the
and 3rd, then the 3rd and 4th etc....)	Once all of the layers are fused
the armour will offer no further protection.

>From this I see the weapon being minorly effective against human ships
(depending on design - the NSL certainly won't like it), good against
Kravak, not so good against Sa-vasku and almost ineffectual against



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