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RE: [sg] Mechanized Cavalry

From: "Bell, Brian K (Contractor)" <Brian.Bell@d...>
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 07:39:56 -0500
Subject: RE: [sg] Mechanized Cavalry

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> > Mounting or unmounting a vehicle is a movement action. Unmounted
> > in this sense referes to a vehicle that has stopped, whether the
> > figure is still on the vehicle or not. A mounted or dismounted
> > chit should be used to indicate if a figure is mounted or unmounted
> > (if you have mounted and unmounted figures, the actual figure may
> > be switched instead of using a chit). 
>	I don't understand this part.  It takes an action to stop 
> driving?  That sounds counter-intuitive.  Shouldn't the unit be 
> able to move while mounting or dismounting?
[Bri] The intent was to make the figure more accurate in ranged
combat OFF the vehicle. If you make mounting/dismounting a "free
action" then the figure would always claim to be dismounted when
firing. By making mounting/dismounting a movement action, the 
figure cannot use 2 actions to move then in the next activation 
fire as dismounted (no penalty). By making mounting/dismounting
an action, the figure is at a minimum, bringing the vehicle to a 
full stop, if not getting off the vehicle. 
  I started with on or off the vehicle for mounted/dismounted. But 
then someone was sure to say "but if I stop the vehicle, it is just
as steady as if the figure was not on it, so should not have to 
take a penalty or pay the action to dismount the vehicle". So,
I decided to define Dismounted as the vehicle fully stopped.
  But, I guess it can be confusing. So I will remove the definition
of Unmounted. If you are on the vehicle, you take a penalty to
your ability to fire.
  Mounting/Dismounting will the same as entering/exiting an APC.
To mount a mechcav vehicle, the figure must be within 6" of the 
vehicle. It uses a movement action to mount it. If dismounting, it uses
a movement action to do so and may move up to 6" away from
the vehicle.

> > Combat
> > 
> > Mounted Combat. 
> > 
> >  - Small Arms combat while mounted is shifted DOWN 2. 
> >  - Other weapons may not be fired while mounted unless built into
> > the design of the vehicle. In such instances, fire is shifted DOWN
> > 
> > Unmounted Combat. 
> >  - Combat while unmounted follows normal infantry combat rules 
> > 
> > As targets 
> > 
> >  - Units of mechanized cavalry are treated as infantry for purposes
> > of targeting. 
> >  - If not in a unit or detached as individual figures, mechanized
> > cavalry are treated as individual figures (wee p. 26) 
>	There should be a bonus to hit mounted cavalry - compared to
> an infantryman on foot, they're big targets and they have a harder
> time taking cover.
[Bri] Not any larger than Power Armor (and usually a lower profile
since they are usually hunched over). These are small conveyances.
If it is designed for 2 people, it is a size 1 vehicle and uses the 
vehicle rules.

>	At an absolute minimum, cavalry shouldn't be able to go into
> position while mounted or moving.
[Bri] Agreed. Unless there are vehicle possitions prepaired (i.e. hull-
down possitions for AFVs.)

> -Mark Langsdorf
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My replies, above, marked by [Bri]

My vision for mechcav is to provide mobility to scouts, forward
and/or special forces. I do not think that they would be a good weapons
platform for combat. I would give them greater speed, but SG2 limits
to 12" (about 27kph if I figured it correctly).

Thanks for your comments!

Brian Bell

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