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Re: Starship sizes

From: Tony Francis <tony.francis@k...>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 16:51:29 +0000
Subject: Re: Starship sizes wrote:
> Hi all,
>    Finally getting back into the groove of doing some kit-bash
> design starships and with all the fuss of scale I wanted to see
> if what I plan is acceptable size wise.
> SDN = 5-6 inch

This is a bit big... the GZG SDNs are all in the 4 - 4.5" region.

> CV	= 5-6 inch
> DN   = 4.5-5 inch
> BC	= 4.5-5 inch, thinner than DN
> CA   = 3.5 inch
> CVE = 3.5 inch

All the above are probably a bit big, assuming that you're going for an
'average' bulk (ie not very long and skinny). Just off the top of my
head, I've made both BB and BC at 65mm long (but with differing bulks),
DN and SDN between 80 and 100mm, fleet CV 100mm long, CVE 60mm, CVL

> CL	= 2.5 inch

Still slightly too long, this is more like CE - CA length.

> DD   = 1.5 inch

Agreed here - mine are around 40mm long.
> Are these to far out of scale ? Considering I plan to cast my own
> stuff I dont want these to weigh a ton but I want them comparable
> to existing scales.

For the larger ships especially, think carefully about making them in
kit form so that they can be hollow. 


Tony Francis
Senior Software Engineer

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