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Re: Scales again (froth, gibber!)

From: "Robin Paul" <Robin.Paul@t...>
Date: Mon, 29 Jan 2001 00:52:08 -0000
Subject: Re: Scales again (froth, gibber!)

I've no source, so I'm grateful to Karl Heinz for a quote.  Two bits of
evidence before I shut up:

>From a UK wargamer's Vietnam site, "Grunt!":
Britannia miniatures 20mm Vietnam figures and vehicles

"The Britannia miniatures are not as 'tall' as FAA and Britannia appear
have gone for a uniform figure size (20mm foot-to-eye regardless of the
relative real-life size) so that the VC / NVA are of the same size as
the US
figures. Personally I prefer this and see little reason for making the
VC /
NVA / ARVN appear as diminutive."

Indeed. While we're at it, lets make the MiG-17s and B-52s the same

>From the Society of Ancients page:
Figure Reviews
CHARIOT MINIATURES 10mm Punic Wars range.

"Overall the figures are about 11mm from foot to eye but crests etc can
a couple of mm extra; they are anatomically correct and all weapons and
forth are in scale."

So, that means that 10s, a new scale, are _already_ 12s!

I have a bunch of Scotia WW2 British infantry that I've never taken out
the packs, as they'd tower over my 1/300 armour and make it look silly.
makes me so angry I could strangle a manatee in the nude.

Rob Paul

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