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SG2 close assault

From: "Barclay, Tom" <tomb@b...>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 22:56:15 -0500
Subject: SG2 close assault

Some thoughts about possible things to tighten up CA/CC:

- modifier (when you fight) to the die type the defender uses if he's
outnumbered (ie numbers against you do count)

- an assaulted side's activation is consumed (I think DS2 does this)
even if
it hasn't acted (motto: don't be on the receiving end)

- limit of one pursuit/retreat, both are rolled as combat moves (Yes,
troops aren't moving very fast at 120m per turn - could be a minute,
be 5, common thought was 2 mins I thought), but if you are restricting
normal movement, retreat movement should be scaled similarly and one
move is more than fair.) 

- if you retreat, at the end of your retreat movement, I'd say you make
leadership role (perhaps modified by the same odds-modifier that was
when the close assault was launched). If you make it, your troops can
up, even though they are disorganized. Yes, your activation is gone (due
being CA'd), but if your commander reactivates you, you can reorg and
try to shoot the enemy. If you fail, your troops must spend their next
action retreating and then they can halt to and reorg. 

- singly suppressed units may retreat. Multiply suppressed units (2-3
suppressions) MAY NOT retreat - they are just too heavily pinned to get
and bug out. 

<essentially, if you are being chased by an enemy and you broke away
them and they are behind you chasing you, it might be very difficult for
to draw up the fleeing force to pull a fast one on the guys chasing

- overwatch and reaction fire should be in place in the rules to allow
to engage enemies trying CA/CC in foolhardy ways

- close combat can be engaged if unit centre-centre is within
ATTACKER_UNIT_QUALITY/2". Thus a regular unit would have a 4" range
centre-to-centre. This probably equates to about 2" or less between unit
figures in many situations. Yes, untrained might have a tough time, but
truth is, they probably should....

- A unit that is close assaulted and takes casualties should have a
suppression counter at the end. One that retreats after taking
should have a suppression PLUS be disorganized. 

That's my 0.02. I'm probably gonna try some of these soon. Close assault
done right (against a suppressed foe) is an excellent coup de grace -
can't flee due to the fire, and they can't execute final defensive fire.
They might even already have casualties. Executed versus a unit with a
of other nearby unactivated friendly units - none of which are
suppressed -
should be a recipe for getting the attacking squad cut to ribbons. 

It's all in the timing. 
Thomas R. S. Barclay
Voice: (613) 722-3232 ext 349

2001: To the New Millenium! The next thousand years
are MINE. 

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