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Re: Canadians at ECC

From: Richard and Emily Bell <rlbell@s...>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 20:48:44 -0500
Subject: Re: Canadians at ECC

"Barclay, Tom" wrote:

> Chris wrote:
> Subject: First CanAm -- Canadian deadline
> For those listers who are planning to attend GZG ECC, or who know
> people who are planning to attend--
> The Full Thrust battle between Americans and Canadians is presently
> scheduled for Sunday morning.  Right now we have sign ups for 4
> Americans... no Canadians.   If the Canadian contingent doesn't
> manifest enough valor to take the field by Feb 1st, then I will
> declare the American team to be  Unopposed Victors With Primo Bragging
> Rights on February 2nd.
> -------------
> [Tomb] The Ottawa contingent will be thin this year. Incoming packets
> humanity will be disrupting otherwise attended events. I know myself
and Jim
> are coming down and I just had some word last night of another friend
> Kingston who wants to go with us. I'm not sure who else from the Great
> North will be attending this year (Jerry, I'm surprised you haven't
> up for the Can-Am...) that is an FTer. I'm an SG2er with limited FB FT
> background. I don't normally play much FT.

There is an Ottawa FT contingent, how do I sign up?

I wish that I could go to ECC, but I also need to save my paid holidays
for an
incoming packet of humanity.  Ahh, but to leave the frigid north among
my peers
to play FT and indulge in Canada's newest pastime: TALKING TO AMERICANS!
(Do you think Saskatchewan should end the seal hunt?)

I would still like to join the Ottawa contingent, as I do not know
anyone who

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