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Re: [SG][DS][FT] Jumna Class Patrol Cruiser and Naval Infantry Company

From: "Laserlight" <laserlight@q...>
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 18:45:09 -0800
Subject: Re: [SG][DS][FT] Jumna Class Patrol Cruiser and Naval Infantry Company

> The Jumna Class Patrol Cruiser.
> The Jumna class is best appreciated by considering its role first
and in
> particular what it is not. It is NOT a line of battle vessel despite
> built on a hull the same size as many Battle Cruisers. It is
intended for
> independent show-the-flag and colonial policing and piracy
> operations in areas where it is not likely to meet "main force"
> Jumna
> FighterBays=1
> PDSs=1

ONE point defense system, and no Beam-1's?  What are you going to do
about enemy fighters?

> Hangars=1x Size2 - carries 2 size 1 Tactical Interface Transports

You need a Mass 3 hanger to carry 2 mass of transports.

> Weapons
> Class 3 Battery=F, FP, FS
> Class 2 Battery=F, FP, FS

This seems a bit light--to put it mildly.

> The Jumna also has drop tubes for 6 power armour troopers.

Is that "six at a time", or "six total", which hardly seems

> The Jumna embarks a complete Naval infantry company organised as
> (Dirtside):

Is this supposed to be carried in the Cargo-1 and Passenger-2?

> There are only two Assault shuttles, each capable of carrying one
size 2
> vehicle + passengers OR 16 troops. This means that it takes two
waves to
> land an entire platoon with its vehicles.

Which means you'd better not try a hot landing--against any opposition
more sophisticated than farmers + rifles, your first couple of squads
will be gone before your second delivery gets down.  In fact, thinking
of the Boers, they might have a problem dealing with farmers+

All told and assuming your math adds up, I'd say you've loaded the
ship with too many missions in mind, resulting in a design which can't
really do anything well.  Of course, there have been RealWorld designs
like that, but you may nonetheless want to split it into two smaller
ships as BIF suggested--say a special ops or assault cruiser and a
normal CE.

If you want to keep it as one ship, I'd consider dropping the
ortillery, the streamlining, and the B3, and add more landers, B2, and

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