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[OT] Mig-29 was: FT in a Fluid

From: KH.Ranitzsch@t... (kh.ranitzsch)
Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2001 20:39:38 +0100
Subject: [OT] Mig-29 was: FT in a Fluid

> Derek Fulton wrote:
> >I believe west got it's first practical experience with this new
> >generation of AAM was a test with the luftwaffe's MiG-29s (gained
> >after re-unification), the MiG-29s proved to be a big eye opener,
> armed with the latest generation soviet AAM and using helmet mounted
> >sights allowed the MiG-29 pilots to engage a target anywhere within
> >their field of vision regardless of in what direction the aircraft
> (and it's missiles) were pointing. This was an advantage the 'western'
> pilots lacked still having to manoeuvre to point their missiles at the
> target.
> >
> >BUT beyond close quarters things were different (the term is BVR;
> >beyond visual range, I think) 'western' doctrine and tactics tipped
> the >balance against the MiG-29s.
> <chuckle> Interesting. The version I've read was that the MiG-29s held
> their own at long range as well, but not by nearly the same margin as
> up close :-)
> Later,

The Magazine Waffen-Arsenal Bd.141, 1993 Bie Mig-29 in der Bundeswehr
had a
summary of the German evaluation of the Mig-29. Among the highlights:

The Mig 29 had excellent maneuvrbility and thrust-to.weight ratio.
The Mig 29 was superior to the F-16 in the early mock combats before the
Western pilots learned its strengths and weaknesses. After that, it was
stilll superior in close dogfights.The helmet mounted sight was a major
Mainly due to limits in the missile seeker heads, the helmet-moutned
could only be used up to 65 degrees from straight ahead
Radar was surprisingly good, with llong range, look-down/shoot-down
capability and hard to jam, but with a limited search cone of 50
though these didn't have to be straight ahead.
Good weapons load
Godd reliability, but high maintenace needs
Too little fuel, an drop tanks limited it to subsonic speeds and didn't
allow to fire the 30mm cannon.
Turn-around time on the ground less than 45 minutes, ready for a alarm
scramble in 5 minutes.
Avionics designed for close cooperatoin with ground control and unsuited
independent operations
Weapons computer hard to reprogram for different missions.

Karl Heinz

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