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Re: [SG] Possible FAQ - Ordering GZG from the States?

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 21:46:53 +0000
Subject: Re: [SG] Possible FAQ - Ordering GZG from the States?

>On Mon, 15 January 2001, "chubbybob" wrote:
>>	I live in Spain...Different location but the principle is the
same..	I
>> E-mailed my order direct to GZG.. I then sent my card number in two
>> mails as suggested by Jon.. worked fine.. he got paid , i got the
goods ..
>> everybody happy!!!!
>I've ordered from Jon, doing the same thing, from Canada. Worked out
>great. The best delivery time was the day I sent the e-mail on the
>morning, and the package was in my mail box Thursday night when I got
>Send an e-mail with your order and half your credit card info (I
>send half the credit card numbers). Send the other half in a second
>along with the name on the card and expiry date. Make sure your address
>in one of the two e-mails. Works great.

Thanks for that, Allan (and everyone else who has responded to Mark's
original query); we can't always guarantee to be QUITE this fast (!),
we try to do our best....! regarding security, while there are no
guarantees we reckon that the split-email method Allan's outlined above
about as safe as you can get; if you are still worried then feel free to
mix the 4-digit number blocks of the card - eg: first and THIRD sets of
four numbers in one message, and second and fourth sets in the other -
long as you make it clear to US which way to read it, I honestly can't
any kind of nasty email-interception software being able to make much
of it......
We've been taking orders like this for a couple of years now, and to
not one customer has had any problems that we've been made aware of.

BTW (and this applies to everyone ordering from us by email) please
order emails to <>, and not to <>; this isn't
essential, but it does mean they get filtered into a separate mailbox
makes them much easier to deal with (otherwise they just stay in the
of list mails and other stuff!).

Jon (GZG)
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