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Re: [FT] A bizarre FT idea for the Friday topic

From: Jeremey Claridge <jeremy.claridge@k...>
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2001 12:43:28 +0000 ()
Subject: Re: [FT] A bizarre FT idea for the Friday topic

> At present, I would say 'interesting'
> Some remarks:

Some! I call this many remarks :)

> - What happens to hits on side with no hull boxes left ? Threshold 
> checks only ? Or is damage applied to other hull sections ? Adjacent ?

> Opposite ?

Well just as a first idea on this I would say threshold checks every
As for the rule of threshold checks getting harder I would say keep it
at 5 or 6
since they will be more frequent.
Damage to the other sides of the vessel could be the basis for B5 style
attacks going straight through the hull.

> - How do you determine which side is hit ? Direction of the shooter ? 
> Semi-random between the two sides facing the shooter ?
> - Should the array always be square ? Or dependent on ship shape ?
> - The square array defines direction arcs that are different from the
> fire arcs of FB1. I would prefer to have the hull boxes distributed in

> 6 arcs

Well this was just an idea and a simple one. It was intended to make
players more
aware of positioning. Little ships could be used to give bigger ships
nasty hits on exposed
sides. To keep it simple I would stick with the 4 sides and simply
overlay an X on the ship
to represent the front back and sides. See where the tape measure falls.

> - Does this work for all enemy weapons ? How about SMLs or fighters ?

Again for things like SMLs they will be coming from a direction so what
side of the ship is

> - It will be harder to get threshold checks than now. Now all hits go 
> to the first row. All shots are unlikely to hit the same side of a

Well no the first threshold check is practically the same as the normal
Unless the rear is hit which may have fewer hull boxes at the start.
The real damage comes when a side has no hull boxes left. Every hit
in threshold checks.

> - The effect on crew casualties is interesting. At the first threshold

> check, each box has 1/6 chance of being killed, 2nd check 2/6, 3rd 3/6

> resulting in chance of 5/6 , 20/36, 60/216 ( 83%, 55%, 28% ), whereas
> the present system, 1/4 is eliminated by the point each threshold
> is reached. So the first hits are less deadly to crews. The rest are 
> roughly similar, though more random.

Yes the crew was a novel idea. although it is representing the repair
You could if unlucky lose all repair teams on the first threshold. 

> - Shouldn't at least the non-core systems be assigned to specific hull

> sides and suffer damage accordingly ? 

Yes the core systems are a problem since they should be better protected
as to an answer well I'll have to think on about the core systems.
I think Tony had an interesting point about armour perhaps being the
element and the hull boxes representing the overall ship integrity.

Jeremey Claridge

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