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Re: Gallery update

From: Glenn M Wilson <triphibious@j...>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 19:26:14 EST
Subject: Re: Gallery update

Believe it or not I was out at that web site today I think.  I went
through a fair number of gallery figures.  Pretty nice!

Recognized the Jellyfish - thought it was maybe for an underwater
scenario - *very* nice.  An amoebae! (smacks forehead) Of Course! That's
what that was!	Duh on me.  Interesting color scheme.  I will have to go
back and look again.  Now that my 1K  organic CPU has the item

Nice figures.  Looked at the female figures for sale.  Very nice but
currently am looking for more demure figures for scenarios (assuming I
find the money for them) since I have a fair number of 1970's warrior
women types and um, '...vixens...' from my FRPG days as a DM.

Gracias, Glenn/Triphibious
You don't have to be French to be a 'frog', or even human!
Nektons - Real Marines!
Starguard, Dirtside 2, Full Thrust, Ratner's Space Marines, Stellar
Conflicts and Uprisings, and Full Thrust/2nd.  Resistance is everything!

On Thu, 11 Jan 2001 13:24:25 -0500 Thomas Pope <>
>I don't usually post gallery updates here, but I had a couple of 
>pieces this
>time around that are actualy appropriate for this list.
>I've just gotten photos of two prototype pieces I am working on, a 
>jellyfish and amoebae.  They are cast in transparent resin with some 
>of the
>detail bits inked.
>If anyone has other ideas for clear space thingies, let me know...

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