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From: "Barclay, Tom" <tomb@b...>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2001 13:33:23 -0500
Subject: Dremel


A quick question. I've been looking at Dremel tools. I seem to be down
two models, the 395 (variable speed) and the 275 (single speed) with an
additional speed control pedal. I thought I had decided (275+pedal). 

395: 5000-30000 rpm, adjustible in increments, adjusted on the tool
275: 30000rpm (28000 in some literature), no adjustment
275 + pedal: 0-30000 rpm, adjustable I believe infinitely via a
rheostat/varistor type of pedal control

Now, the reason I had lined up the 275 as my choice was, with the pedal,
can adjust speed while working AND perhaps most importantly, I can run
device below 5000 rpm for working with resins or plastics that don't
heat produced by high rpms. 

However, the 275 was about $65 Cdn ($40-45 USD). Home Depot wanted $96
($60-65 USD) for the speed control pedal (damn expensive
potentiometer/variable resistor). I thought that was insane. I can get
variable speed 395 for less than $70 Cdn also. 

The question is: 

I know the 0-5000 adjustable range on the 275 is pretty great for
working in
plastics and resins. But just how bad is 5000 rpm for resin or plastic?
Enough to justify more than doubling the price? Or should I just buy the
variable model 395? 

Thoughts from those who have such tools or similar ones? 

<Note, I've also considered buying a 120V rotary dimmer switch and
it into the powercord of a 275 to create the same effect for $10.00
you this assumes the pedal is just a variable resistor, which I think it
is). It'd mean I couldn't control the speed by foot control, but it'd be
about $80 Cdn cheaper...if it works>

Thomas R. S. Barclay
Voice: (613) 722-3232 ext 349

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are MINE. 

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