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Re: [FT] Command FireCon

From: Sean Bayan Schoonmaker <s_schoon@p...>
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 17:27:02 -0800
Subject: Re: [FT] Command FireCon

>What's the PSB our of interest... I can imagine at least one guy 
>here who when he got hold of this would immediate attempt to have 
>one large ship sit 12" off the target with a mass of class 1 only 
>little guys sitting behind him at just less than 6" (if he can 
>manage it).

It started life as a way for smaller ships to "save" a FireCon by 
using the targeting system of another ship, allowing them to fire at 
the same time and same target as the Command ship, and then allowing 
them to fire remaining weapons later using their own FireCons. Sort 
of like the Starfire Command Datalink.

However, this was WAY too easily abused.

"So," thinks I, "how can I keep the spirit of FT, and yet have 
something that's still sorta cool."

Looking over the ADFC rules, I figured that just allowing  the other 
ship to take advantage of the 6" rule in OFFENSIVE fire might be the 

Keep in mind that all those little Class 1s have to wait their turn 
to fire, and meanwhile, since the Command ship has already made 
itself a big fat target, everyone is going to focus their attention 
on it! It's also harder than you think to get the maneuvering right 
so that happens!

Perhaps I should have added that if the ship mounting the CFC is 
destroyed, the effect is cancelled.


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