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Date: 9 Jan 2001 13:55:22 -0800

On Tue, 09 January 2001, "Bell, Brian K (Contractor)" wrote:

> Hmmm. I think that I know what you mean when dealing with detached
> Please excuse bad ASCII art.

Actually, pretty good. I've seen worse!
> I think what you are indicating is that the squad leader of any unit
> activation to the unit. 

Well, funny enough, this is sort of what's happening. If you read on
page 16, you'll see that as envisioned the leaders do EVERYTHING in the
game. There are two kinds of actions, motivation actions (leader gets
someone else to do something) and leader actions (leader does

Most squad actions are motivation actions. The squad leader motivates
the rest of the squad to move and stuff. He just happens to go along for
the ride. 

Usually, though, the transfer action is considered a leader action. The
leader is giving orders to another squad.

So, if as a house rule, you allow squad leaders to treat the Transfer
Action as a motivation action, he could motivate a detachment (giving it
two actions) and then motivate the main squad part (giving it two

This isn't a rule interpretation, though. This is just a house rule I
thought of to match your house rules for fireteams.

> But would this not disallow the squad leader from
> moving and firing if the squad is activated (3 actions)? And in the
same way
> would it not if there is a detached unit (and therefore the squad
> spends both actions to activate both units) preclude the leader from
> any other action (move, fire, communicate) as he has used both of his
> actions? This would severly limit the main unit's actions as it could
> move (or at least not out of unit integrety range)?

As a house rule, I was allowing the main part of the unit to still
receive its two actons.

> I was reading it as the Squad Leader remains part of the Main unit and
> transfers activation to the detached unit. 

That's the proper rulebook definition, yes. My suggestion, buried
somewhere in there anyway, was to sort of make squad leaders able to
transfer actions to the main group but as a motivation action (thus they
can take part in it) and not a leader action.

Allan Goodall -

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