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Date: 9 Jan 2001 10:18:20 -0800

On Mon, 08 January 2001, "Bell, Brian K (Contractor)" wrote:

> I do like the concept of using fire teams, however.

I've been thinking about this myself. I'm not crazy about the idea of
making a squad into two fireteams simply by making two small squads. I
think it eliminates one level of command control and gives too much
flexibility. You could, for instance, split a squad up so both fireteams
are on opposite sides of the table. That seems a bit extreme. 

So, I like your idea of representing fireteams as a subordinate
structure within a squad.

> Would both teams activate at the same time or at 
> different times? I would think at the same time,
> but this could put a LOT of firepower to use at
> one time. I might also suggest that fire teams may
> not detach units or an element.

Well, look at it from the point of view of activating a squad. The rules
allow you to spend to actions firing the squad, essentially firing as
both fireteams, but with the added option of being able to fire the
entire squad at once, if desired. So activating them simultaneously
doesn't seem to be that bad an idea.

Not allowing fire teams to detach might be a good idea, though I might
allow it for the purposes of having a single figure go off and do
something (plant a bomb, push a button, test a minefield, deliver a
message, etc...).

What you are proposing is similar to something I was thinking: treat
fireteams simply as detached portions of the squad, with all the rules
that entails, BUT with the squad leader able to give two actions -- not
just one -- to the portion of the squad that he's with. 

This maintains the game as a "squad" game, and makes the squad leader an
important part of the chain. It makes the least amount of changes in the
game (i.e. no new rules needed). Squad integrity rules still apply, and
if the player wishes to recombine the squad for whatever reason, the
rules are already in place to handle it. 

It also has the added bonus that if a fireteam gets too far away, a
communication roll is needed (okay, _I_ think this is a bonus, as it
encourages squads to stay together without forcing the issue).

The only question is whether or not the squad leader can participate in
the fire combat of the portion of the squad he is with. The simple
answer is "yes". The more complicated answer is "yes, if he wants the
squad portion to have one action, and no, if he wants the squad portion
to have two actions (which works out to being exactly the same as the
current detached squad rule)". I'm leaning towards the simple way,

Allan Goodall -

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