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From: "Bell, Brian K (Contractor)" <Brian.Bell@d...>
Date: Tue, 9 Jan 2001 07:36:17 -0500
Subject: RE: [FT] AAR ESU vrs NAC

First a quick definition.
Dogfight. This is base to base contact of fighters where one or both
declare a dogfight. Otherwise it is Ranged Fighter Combat.

For Ranged Fighter Combat, it is just like attacking a ship. Sides may
fire, or elect to target another fighter group, missile(s), or ship.

One side (A) moves into base to base contact with another fighter group
Missiles launchand ships move. Missiles declare targets. Fighters
targets (including dogfights); Group A declares a
dogfight with group B. Now B may use secondary movement to disengage
the dogfight. If it does so, Group B gets a free shot at Group A. Also,
Group A has the endurance, it may also spend endurance to re-engage
group B
in a dogfight by moving into base to base contact again (but give up the
free shot as a fighter group may only fire once per turn). If Group B
reenters a dogfight with group B, all fire in the dogfight is
Group A does not HAVE TO fire in the dogfight, but is prohibited from
targeting anything else while in the dogfight. The next turn both
groups must decide if they will remain in the dogfight or leave it
the other group a free shot). If Group B did not reingage the dogfight,
group A would be free to attack another fighter group, missiles, or a

Alternate Interpretation when a group leaves a dogfight and the other
Group A decides to leave the dogfight. Group B gets a free shot at Group
Group B then reingages group A in a dogfight (using standard or
movement). What is left of Group A now gets to fire at Group B, but
Group B
may not fire back at Group A (as it has already fired). This
give group B a slight advantage as it does damage first.

Brian Bell	

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> Subject:	[FT] AAR ESU vrs NAC
> Hi all,
> Just a quick report on our FT game from last night.
[snip excelent AAR]

> Questions Raised.
> 1) Do fighter have to fight back? i.e. could the NAC attack fighters
> ignored the ESU fighters as just gone for the ships regardless? 
> 2) Do you have to designate all fighter attacks first? or can you wait
> until you see the effects of the previous squadron?
> Lessons learned:
> Don't assume that the other guy wont take fighters! 
> Flynn Richardson
> Powders Project Manager
> Lever Rexona New Zealand

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