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From: "Barclay, Tom" <tomb@b...>
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2001 15:43:29 -0500
Subject: bunkers

There were comments made about bunkers and buildings and how fragile
might be, but apparently the rules Brian worked out weren't considered
such. I think Brian's rules allow for the construction of very robust
buildings. Here is how you would go about it:

1) Section the building. You need a number of breaches to collapse the
building. Sectioning will effectively increase that number. 
2) Make the building out of high armour-value materials (concrete with
for example). Such buildings will effectively be hard to breach. 
3) Make your doors and such of tough materials (high armour value) such
reinforced steel.
4) You could reflect construction technology (age) by making the
armour value higher or lower or reducing or increasing the number of
breaches required to collapse the building. 

The comment about the danger of being in a building reflects two things:
you get a breach, the building may survive, but the soft squishy people
inside that section might not... (for example, an armour 3 sandbag
was hit by a major impact from a DFFG/2 dual mount.... the people inside
check vs the standard D8 for vehicle weapons vs dispersed targets .... a
fair few of the squad got crispied - but it is plasma!). And if the
DOES collapse with you inside, that isn't exactly a good thing. 

The other thing about buildings is HEAT and AP rounds (and just solid
will tend to poke holes. If someone comes at one of these with a 165mm
Gun firing HE, the building is much more likely to turn to rubble.
Similarly, an infantry plasma gun may punch a fist sized hole in a
wall and injure a person inside, whereas a DFFG from a vehicle might
vaporize a head sized hole and liquify any poor sod unlucky enough to be
inside the building. (And it might just catch that building and its
on fire!). 

Buildings are hard to do well in abstract games, and not easy even in
WYSIWIG games. But Brian's rules are pretty decent, if you apply them
some careful thought to the design of your structure.  I've had sandbag
bunkers die from DFFG hits, and I've had concrete bunkers stand up to an
ungodly pounding from lots of weapons. I even had a UN squad have to use
GMS/P with a special breaching head to punch a hole in a castle tower to
PA close assault the occupants! 

Thomas R. S. Barclay
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