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Re: Shermans and Panthers

From: Mike.Elliott@b...
Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2001 12:26:05 +0000
Subject: Re: Shermans and Panthers


Thanks for your comments and I take your point about the speed of the
Panther. The only option we have in DS2 as it stands is to make it Fast
Tracked rather than Slow. Otherwise, it would be necessary to define a
Mobility Type - "Medium Tracked"? You pays yer money....

Anyway hope your WW2 games work out OK.

Cheers Mike

The inestimable Mr. Elliot said:

" I checked back on my WW2 stats for DS2:

Sherman: Size 3, Armour 2, Slow Tracked, Stealth 0, ECM None, Firecon
Basic, 1 * KEC/3 or KEC/4 in turret, 2 * APSW.

Panther: Size 3, Armour 3, Slow Tracked, Stealth 0, ECM None, Firecon
Basic, 1 * KEC/4 in turret, 2 * APSW.

The Panther has better armour and the Sherman only has as good a main
weapon as the Panther when it represents the Firefly with a 17pdr gun.
Perhaps in retrospect the Sherman should be Size 2 - but that would
actually make it harder to hit.

Sorry, Tom, don't know why you think I rated them the same?"

[Tomb] -- Okay, first, the Panther is (AFAIK) noticeably faster than the
Sherman. You might argue the granularity of the conversion doesn't allow
to represent this difference but I think it should be there somewhere
because it was a signficant difference in the period in question. One of
shortcoming of DS2 is the class based qualification - very much like the
hull classes in FT. If DS3 is ever released, I'd hope to see this
boundary approach banished. Then you could see something like a Sherman
a Panther represented by a difference in mobility speeds within a
mobility type.

Also, I don't suppose I'd realized that the KEC/4 was the Firefly and I
thought a KEC/4 for both was selling the german long 75 short if you
comparing it with the normal Sherman weapon which was rather inferior in
comparison. My fault for not catching that (which is not entirely
without being stated, but after you say it I see it). If I'd realized
selection of KEC/4 was the Firefly with its far better main gun, I'd
had a moderated sentiment. I thought when I read this that you just
made up your mind on the conversion and were suggesting it might be
equivalent to the German 75 on the Panther! :-)

Like the Russians, the American forces wouldn't win on a 1-1 with the
tanks like the Panther. OTOH, they both usually brought (in the late
some pretty potent air assets and tanks in the large numbers - I've seen
camera reels of US forces using Shermans in line as almost an artillery
battery - quantity has a quality all its own.

Thomas R. S. Barclay
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