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Re: What are some these co-operative games?

From: "Robert W. Hofrichter" <RobHofrich@p...>
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001 20:43:48 -0500
Subject: Re: What are some these co-operative games?

I'm working on a cooperative scenario for Stargrunt right now, as a
of fact.  I was plainning on running it at a future "gaming day." 
squads (one NSL PA Team, one NAC rifle squad w/armed utility vehicle,
ESU "Regulator" team w/armed vehicle, and a UN reaction team) all trying
reach a crashed Kra'Vak ship in rough terrain (swamp).	I just finished
making th board for it this evening.  The surviving 'Vak would be
by the GM, but would operate under some "automatic" rules.

I'll be happy to post after it's run, but don't hold your breath--that
be four or more months from now.


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> ***
> Cosmic Encounters is both competitive and co-operative. Each player
> tries to win, but most of the strategy is by allying with the
> player or against him. Many of the "powers" are also used in a
> co-operative way.
> ***
> By this definition, Diplomacy is a co-operative game; I've done
> alliances in Risk. ;->=
> ***
> Most role playing games that I have been involved in are co-operative.
> ***
> Now THIS I have no problem with; I was thinking board games, and most
> the older ones I mentioned fit the RPG group mold.
> The Lord of the Rings, you are a party throughout, and while you may
> off others' options with your moves, if you defeat them TOO severely,
> can lose yourself to Sauron. (Warning, I only played once, and only
> boards before the big guy stomped us all. VERY limited research.)
> While there may be multiple commanders of fleets, or even allied
fleets in
> games, I'd say there's nothing inherently co-operative in any of the
> games or scenerios, but it wouldn't be difficult to make up your own.
> 'Dumb' monsters in space or groppo-land would work. Or, perhaps, a
> non-battle, such as an FTII evacuate the colonists before a disaster
> strikes, with the winner threading a dense asteroid field the most
> SFB sure has plenty of ideas in this area. You don't necessarily have
> kill the monster; there's always 'who can get the best sensor
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