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re-FT, wave guns & needle beams

From: "bif smith" <bif@b...>
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001 22:05:50 -0000
Subject: re-FT, wave guns & needle beams

>Wave Gun?  Like the FT Nova Gun appears to be - a table sweeper ?

>Gracias, Glenn/Triphibious

Not quite. The wave gun WAS a ship killer for use in "generic" games
(i.e.-not in normal FT), but with the greater hull and weaker sheilds
have to remember that it ignores sheilds) in the FB rules, it`s dammage
hasn`t changed, making it less effective than before (ps-introduced in
The nova cannon was only useful due to the greater dammage potential.
Due to
requiring a turn to travel each range band, and getting easier to avoid
the range increases, I have only once hit a moving, full drive thrust
with this gun (the target in question miss wrote his orders, and flew
straight into it. AND it was a foch  BDN !!! Unfortunately, he survived
die rolls) and wiped my mobile cannon out).

Shaddows beam weapon?- No, I dislike this. For shaddows, try a BB/BC
SV ship with 1 gun, light hull, plenty of power generators, drone womb
and a
CLOAKING device (say, 5% total mass, mass x4 for cost, requires power
equal to cost to cloak/decloak, + 2 power point per turn it intends to
remain cloaked (must be decided and the power points paid for when
cloaking). Also, due to the suprise effect of it decloaking, is allowed
fire first).

Also, a question for Chris DeBoe, how effective are needle beams when
mounted on large ships (ie-capitols), compaired to when mounted on light
ships (ie-escorts, frigates etc?). I`m asking because A-you seem to be
flyimg more needle beam equipt ship than most, and B- I`m trying to
out a balance for the needle beam SD`s for the bugs (a longer ranged,
damage to hull at closer range, multipul arcs, and maybe a random system
which system to knock out at longer range due to less accuracy (thinking
roll D6, 1-2=offensive weapon/ammo, 3-4=defensive system(fire con,
pds), 5-6=ship systems (adfcon, drive, ftl drive, cloaking device (if
etc, then either attacker decides which is hit, or roll another D6 and
a number for each weapon. If the ship has more than 6 posible targets,
more than 1D6, and asine numbers until you run out of targets. Any
left over are rerolls until you hit something).

"yorkshire born,yorkshire bred,
strong in arms, thick in head"

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