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Re: What are some these co-operative games?

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Date: 3 Jan 2001 11:46:56 -0800
Subject: Re: What are some these co-operative games?

On Wed, 03 January 2001, wrote:

> Check out the new Lord of the Rings game; you are competing, but as
> of a group of good guys. ;->=

I'm planning to order it from an online store later today. *S*

Another is the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" game. (Okay, stop snickering.
"Buffy" and "Angel" are the two best TV series on right now, and if you
guys missed "The Initiative" plot line from last year's Buffy, it's not
too late to catch the evil lawyer plot line from this year's Angel). In
the Buffy game, one player plays the vampire player, and everyone else
plays one or two characters from the "Scooby gang". Although it is a
competition, the good guys all gang up against one player. It has a
surprising amount of strategy for what Hasbro billed as a "mass market"

(For those of you in Britain, you want to see about mail ordering the US
"Buffy" game; the British "Buffy" game is typical family game fare.)

"Scotland Yard", from a few years ago, is a neat game. One player moves
a "spy" around London using a hidden movement system, and all the other
players try to trap him. Technically the trapping player is the winner,
but we've almost always played it co-operatively (if you don't, the spy
will win). There's a more recent version of the game sold in Toys R' Us
right now based on Manhattan instead of London (and it may even be
called "Manhattan") but it's apparently slightly inferior since the
London map is more interesting.

"Arkham Horror", an old Chaosium game, was co-operative. You worked
together to defeat the Cthulhu Mythos. Each player acted alone, but
everyone was after a common goal and could help each other. It's out of
print, and goes for obscene amounts on eBay, but I've heard they plan to
re-release it. It's a good game; I recommend it!

There are others, but those are just the ones I've played, off the top
of my head.

Allan Goodall -

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