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Re: Fighter House Rules.

From: Glenn M Wilson <triphibious@j...>
Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2001 20:16:45 EST
Subject: Re: Fighter House Rules.

On Tue, 02 Jan 2001 15:26:08 -0800 Sean Bayan Schoonmaker
<> writes:
>>5. Rearming fighter, During the record-keeping phase, a d6 is rolled 
>>each fighter. if the result is equal to or greater than the strength 
>>fighter group it is rearmed. Running tab must be kept.
>This doesn't make sense to me. Rearming shouldn't have a random 
>element - or at least not one that depends on the strength of the 
>group. A full strength group is significantly penalized compared to a 
>group with 3 fighters left; much more than the 2:1 numerical ratio 
>would suggest.

For our book-keeper types: How about a +1 for - each number less then 4
fighters - strength of the group and +1 per turn consecutive re-arming?

I.e., strength 5 turn one 5 or 6; turn 2 4/5/6, turn 3 3/4/5/6 ---
strength 3 turn one (+1 for smaller size) 4/5/6, turn two 3/4/5/6, turn
2/3/4/5/6 --- strength 2 turn one (+2 for smaller size) Automatic
all 1's fail <grin> which seems a bit much.)

Here I am making suggestions for MT/FBx and I've never seen the rules! 
Ain't war games grand - you don't need to know the exact mechanisms
30 years of playing...

Gracias, Glenn/Triphibious
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