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[OT] Starguard web game starting up

From: Glenn M Wilson <triphibious@j...>
Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2001 18:55:59 EST
Subject: [OT] Starguard web game starting up

For, those of us West Coast USA dinosaurs (born circa 1950) who have
'kept the faith' there is good news - some Starguard 5th edition
are gathering for a (that I know of) third web game.  I played in the
infamous "Purple Alien" disaster and sat out the attempt to rob the
'helpless' old Amcrys miner but now I am a Fabian Merc in the latest web

For those who don't know, Starguard is alive and well in edition 5
published in circa 1974 IIRC) and even has an eGroup list.  For those
are interested and/or want to relive the early days of SF skirmish war
games I suggest you contact (the GM) to get added to (my
words) 'lurker list' of non-active observers.  The India background of
the scenario setting appeals to one with two kids from India (Delhi +/-
and Madras respectively.)

You will be able to follow that icon of a 'worker warrior' (SGT MAJ
Glennovich Bromkovskiy Call Sign Red Star-1) as I (then a Starguard NCO
type) try not to get sidetracked like last time... 

When my Rep Com (Republic of Commerce)	element with the First Contact
'Space Swabbie' attached managed too be on the complete opposite side of
the map from the Alien, killed none of the (already dead) Eli pirate
Scumsuckers (which the Purple Alien did solo before we got there,) and
failed to keep the valiant Rep Com  troopers from killing the Alien as
they tried to 'rescue' the child survivors of the Eli massacre.  And
killed two crummy reprogrammed 'bucket head' worker robots while 
assaulting an essentially empty Space Port control tower and chasing
decoys looking for all the civilians to keep them from being enslaved by
the Eli (they were already killed accidentally by Purple Alien in
self-defense destruction of Eli warship (where the humans were chained)
that was on space port field.)	 We could have won the game without a
shot being fired (well, the Purple Alien *was* a master at reprogramming
the worker bots and took over our Magrab Jungle Patrol 'bot about turn
two, IIRC, and they were shooting at us) if I had followed my guts
instead of my orders and moved the first contact guy *now* to the alien
vicinity as soon as I was aware of it.	But I was supporting a 'drop' of
Power Armor on a unsecured control tower with a defensive Laser that had
chopped down the drop ship (I was unsure if the laser was still working
after the Dropship shot back in self defense.)	My lone honor was
rescuing the solo surviving Dropship crew member from the wreck by
letting my lone Power Armor guy take apart the wreckage instead of
the XTee guy to the Alien's hidey hole soon enough...

Did I mention we lost our space navy bus when they died stooping a
'rescue' attempt from the Purple Alien's friends - well, it *looked*
one of 'our' assault profiles... Two/Three weeks later the Rep Com
Cavalry showed up to 'rescue' us... Wonder what they did with us after

Shooting might have been merited, IMO...

Gracias, Glenn/Triphibious
You don't have to be French to be a 'frog', or even human!
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