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RE: [FT] various subsystems (alien)

From: "Bell, Brian K" <Brian_Bell@d...>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 14:18:01 -0400
Subject: RE: [FT] various subsystems (alien)

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> Bell, Brian K wrote:
> >Has anyone play-tested Plasma Shields for Phalon?
> >Uses existing Plasma launchers but only does 1 point
> >of damage per class if a ship, fighter, or missile run
> >into/through it.
> 1 point is sufficient to destroy any fighter or (especially) missile
> inside the burst radius.
[Bri] Correct.

> >Has the same range and area of effect
> >as normal plasma launched through the plasma
> >launchers.
> >However, it will also blocks shots that trace line of 
> >sight (LOS) through it (prevents FCS from locking 
> >onto the Phalon ship).
> And vice versa, I assume?
[Bri]  Correct.

> >The Plasma Shield acts as if it 
> >has a number of hull boxes equal to its class. 
> >It is not subject to PDS fire. But is vulnerable to fighter
> >and normal weapons fire. Each Plasma Shield must
> >be targeted separately.
> If it is so "solid" that PDS can't damage it except in anti-ship mode
> and interceptor fighters can't damage it at all, why doesn't it
> more damage?
> Turns the PBLs from decent but risky point defence weapons to good and
> almost riskfree point defence weapons. Was that intentional?
[Bri] It generates enough random EM from the plasma that
FCS cannot "see" through it. Thus, a ship behind it cannot
be targeted until the plasma bubble is "popped".  
I did not think about PDS in anti-ship mode (good catch),
but my reasoning is that PDS fire would be insufficient to
disrupt the plasma bubble. 
Fighters CAN attack it (reread post).
Unclear from MY post: The plasma bubble lasts until end of
weapons fire phase unless destroyed.
Also unclear from my post: Since it uses the same Plasma
Launcher, the plasma launcher must recharge just as if it
had fired a standard Plasma Ball.
The intent was to place a screen or armor like object between
ships. This shield would absorb some damage, but not
make the ship invulnerable. It would also tie up the ship's
heavy weapons.
I had thought to making them 1 point to destroy, but this 
would lead to arguments over which weapon fires first as
the firing player would fire the smaller damage potential
weapons first. With the ability of a larger plasma shield,
it may encourage players to fire larger weapons to clear
it so that the more numerous secondary weapons could

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