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RE: [FT] various subsystems (alien)

From: "Bell, Brian K" <Brian_Bell@d...>
Date: Mon, 25 Sep 2000 10:39:34 -0400
Subject: RE: [FT] various subsystems (alien)

Has anyone play-tested Plasma Shields for Phalon?
Uses existing Plasma launchers but only does 1 point
of damage per class if a ship, fighter, or missile run
into/through it. Has the same range and area of effect
as normal plasma launched through the plasma
However, it will also blocks shots that trace line of 
sight (LOS) through it (prevents FCS from locking 
onto the Phalon ship). The Plasma Shield acts as if it 
has a number of hull boxes equal to its class. 
It is not subject to PDS fire. But is vulnerable to fighter
and normal weapons fire. Each Plasma Shield must
be targeted separately.

Brian Bell	

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> > Hi all
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> > The first I call (after the CarWars inspiration)
> > component armour. Which is to say, rather than 
> > general superstructure armour, particular armour
> > for a particular subsystem. 
> > 
> ...
> Yes, I have done some of the armor work for 
> a couple of my alien races.	I have used 
> three types of armor, known as K, L, And M.
> K armor is the Kra'Vak FT2 armor - 
> acts as a screen, indestructable.
> L armor is used by the alien 'Ileari' -
> it is 'Local' or 'Point defense' armor,
> I.E. a particular system is armored
> This is shown by the addition of an 
> armor box attached to the system icon.
> M armor is used by the alien 'Mar'Cal Le'Mer'-
> and subtracts damage from the attacks of enemy
> ships, the armor may be destroyed at threshold
> checks.
> Comments,
> John L.

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