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Re: [FT] various subsystems

From: Charles Stanley Taylor <charles.taylor@c...>
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2000 14:12:10 +0100
Subject: Re: [FT] various subsystems

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> Hi all
> I was wondering if anyone had looked at the 
> math (or even considered)a couple of subsystems
> I was thinking of. 
> The first I call (after the CarWars inspiration)
> component armour. Which is to say, rather than 
> general superstructure armour, particular armour
> for a particular subsystem. 
> I see two ways to implement such a system. Either can be
> represented by surrounding the system on the SSD with
> a set of concentric boxes (ie basically a double border)
> which has a number beside it indicating the level. 
> In the 1st method, the number written beside the box
> indicates how many "extra hits" that system can take 
> before going out of operation. 
> In the 2nd method, the number represents a concept akin
> to screen mechanics. For each level of armour, a 
> threshold roll is modified by -1 to the die roll. This
> means that if the ship is thresholding on a six, the 
> 1 lvl component armoured system doesn't need to check. 
> If the ship is making the 5+ threshold, the system 
> checks on a six.
> Probably in either case you'd need to stick a max level
> like 2 or 3 on a system. But this could harden key systems
> against attack. One might also declare exclusions like
> (for example) drives, firecons, whatever... 
> Any comments? Is such a system viable in either variant?
> How badly does it distort the game? How expensive should
> either variant be and why prefer one over the other?

Hmm.. well, I've considering a couple of similar concepts,
but hadn't come up with any specific answers...

Firstly: Retractable systems - useful on Q-ships, mostly System can be
two states, retracted and deployed, while retracted, system counts as a
system for threshold checks, but cannot be used, while deployed, system
takes threasholds as usual, and can be used. Chance in state is
during orders phase. (Ispiration - several cheap & nasty sci-fi films
Increased MASS and COST of the system (dunno by how much).

Secondly, Armoured Core Systems - increases Core System threashold
number by
1, so that the first threshold is on a 8+, the second on 7+, and the
is on a 6+. MASS should be a percentage of the whole Hull MASS, COST is
multiple of MASS. Possible an extra level of armouring could be added to
make the ship immune to Core system hits. I have no idea what the MASS
COST values should be, but if you're using the standard core system
rules, I
think they should be pretty high!

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