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Re: [FT] UNSC design

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Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 12:40:03 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: [FT] UNSC design

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>	    "Paul Radford" <> wrote:
> Hmm.. question to list - has anyone out there done any playtesting on
> Wave Guns and Nova Cannon? I know some think they are too powerful,
> while others think they are too weak!

Well, there's a lot of tradeoffs between superguns and plasma bolts.

In favor of superguns:

  - They're not weakened by screens.
  - You can't shoot them down.
  - They're longer ranged.

In favor of plasma:

  - You can actually aim the things in more arcs than the nose of your
  - Although the absolute area that superguns cover is indeed larger
than for
     plasma, plasma still gives a better cushion for guessing wrong
     a single target due to the larger radius.	(Subject to house rules
     whether superguns fire during the "placed weapons" phase or the
     fire" phase... this isn't clearly defined anywhere in the rules.)
  - You can use any normal screens you have while you fire it.	(The
fact that
     Phalons can't use their vapor shrouds at the same time is a facet
of the
     shrouds, not the plasma.  If you allow any other ships to use
     there's nothing saying they can't use their regular screens.)
  - You can use your other weapons while you fire it.
  - You can scale up plasma.  (Again, subject to house rules on whether
you can
     mount multiple superguns or whether there are "classes" of
superguns as
     there are with plasma launchers.)

Huge tradeoffs.  My personal opinion is that, in most cases, the ideal
to mount a nova cannon is a simple armored, self-propelled gun with
PDS.  There are arguments for putting backup weapons on such a ship, but
arguments generally work better for giving the ship escorts to carry
weapons.  For wave guns, it's a little bit less extreme (since you can't
the wave gun every turn anyway) but putting too many weapons on a ship
with a wave gun isn't all that sound of a plan either.

I personally think that they're not overpowered, and the limitations
they give
you for them (especially if you can't scale them up or allow multiple
on a single ship to fire all at once) are pretty big.  Plus, if you
_plasma_ is hard to get on a bunch of Kra'Vak flying at fraction-C
cutting four- to six-point turns, imagine trying to get superguns on
(Especially if your house rules treat superguns as "placed weapons".)
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