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RE: UNSC fleet carrier design

From: "Dean Gundberg" <dean.gundberg@n...>
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 16:31:58 -0500
Subject: RE: UNSC fleet carrier design

Indy wrote
> >I was thinking more along the lines of how Charles has a built-in
> >'restriction' for coming up with designs which represent all visible
> >weapon systems on a given mini; for fun I had tried to do that with
> >Superior's SW Terran force, and quickly had a heavy cruiser out of
> >a destroyer.  :-)  I believe Dean/Star Ranger tried to do something
> >similar for his PBeM scenarios before he noticed the bristling array
> >of weapons UNDERNEATH each model! :-)

Hey, its hard to look underneath when you don't have the minis, just top
view pictures.

Oerjan wrote:
> Dean has FB stats for all of the Starfleet Wars models at the Star
> Ranger page... The SuperGalactic Dreadnoughts come in "weapons on top
> only" and "all weapons on model" versions...

Which do follow the turrets on the minis, except the Terran ships have
more secondary turrets as everyone else, so the number of Beam2's is
actually a ratio of 2 B2's per 3 turrets while other races are 1 B2 per
secondary turret.

Dean Gundberg

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