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[FT] Matrix Game Full Thrust Campaign

From: "Andrew Martin" <Al.Bri@x...>
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000 19:19:16 +1200
Subject: [FT] Matrix Game Full Thrust Campaign

I'm also on the Matrix Gamer list and we've been
discussing space games. I've telling them a little bit about Full Thrust
being a great table top game, but it doesn't have a easy to use campaign
strategic game. A Matrix Game can provide a campaign or strategic
Here's Chris Engle's (Inventor of Matrix Games) email to me:

> Could you write up a gloss of the Full Thrust game world and a brief
overview of the technology? With that I think we can come up with a
ready to play strategic game for the list to chew on. Oh, and a list of
people and how long it takes to move and build ships would also help.

> PS: I've noticed that players don't want to make their own games till
see a good model to copy. This should give the list that model. If we do
good job it could start up another email group running PBEM Matrix

So can some one write in reply with these details and any other nice
we should consider? And I'll pass this on to the MG list.


Andrew Martin
ICQ: 26227169

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