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UNSC fleet carrier design

From: Charles Stanley Taylor <charles.taylor@c...>
Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 21:48:52 +0100
Subject: UNSC fleet carrier design

Well, I got some more figures at Colours, so here is my vision of a UNSC
fleet carrier :-)

For reference, here is the module size table again, I've added the
carrier modules.

Module	      MASS	  COST
Medium Thrust  11	   22
Large Thrust   23	   46
Fighter Bay    36	  108	    Each houses 4 wings of 6 fighters
Weapons 	4	 varies
Cargo	       20	  none

#Peacekeeper class Fleet Carrier

Displacement: 34200 tonnes (MASS factor 342)
Hull type: Weak (Hull Integrity 76)
Crew: 86 officers, 256 ratings (Crew Factor 17) plus fighter pilots
Armanent: 2 x Class 1, 2 x 3-arc Class 2 (FP-F-FS),
2 x 3-arc Class 3 batteries, 2x Pulse Torpedo Launchers, (all in
AP-FP-F, AS-FS-F pairs)
Defences: 6 Point Defence Systems, Grade 12 Armour, Level 1 Screens
Sensor suite: Standard sensors, 3 Fire-control systems
Drive systems: 4 x Large Drive module, rating 5, FTL (Jump) Drive
Hanger bays: 8 bays holding 48 fighters

TMF: 342
NPV: 1,157 + 48 fighters

Later models drop the Level 1 screen and instead have 4 extra PDS 2
extra class-1 batteries, and 11 more points of hull integrity.

Any comments?



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