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RE: Air dropped Units

From: "Jarrard, Jonathan (J.)" <jjarrard@f...>
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 13:13:05 -0400
Subject: RE: Air dropped Units

I am thinking particularly of the air jeeps, air barges, and combat cars
THE ULLER UPRISING (Piper's replay of the Indian Mutiny), the
orbit-to-ground vehicles in SPACE VIKING, and (even though it was
written by Tuning), the ad hoc air armada in FUZZY BONES.

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At 1:08 PM -0400 9/15/00, Jarrard, Jonathan (J.) wrote:
>H. Beam Piper's novels also had heavy "contra-gravity" armored vehicles
>(some of which were closer to Barsoomian air-battleships than tanks).

Piper put a lot of interesting 'ground' forces material into Cosmic 
Computer. I especially liked his aircav mounts. Egg shaped vehicles 
with one man wedged in with machine guns and other nastiness. He had 
some tanks, and some larger vehicles with missiles and heavy cannon 
fore and aft.

Michael Carter Llaneza
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Devolution is very real to me.

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