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Bifrost 2000

From: "Paul Radford" <paulradford@i...>
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2000 23:55:03 +0100
Subject: Bifrost 2000

Greetings all,

Bifrost 2000 is being held November 4th in West Bromwich. For more info
Bifrost, see

I'm going to be hosting the following three participation games for Full
Thrust over the course of the event. Hope to see some of you there.

Power Projection: KDS 7067
2-6 players
The KDS 7067 system has been fought over in a bitter conflict between
New Anglian Confederations Fifth Fleet and the alien Kra’Vak for
months. KDS 7067 Prime is a world suitable for human colonisation but
colony ships were attacked by a Kra’Vak battle group hoping to secure
planet and establish a forward base in NAC territory. The Kra’Vak were
successful in landing troops and establishing a
reinforced logistics base. Repeated attempts by the Commander of the NAC
Fifth Fleet (C5F) who is responsible for operations within this system
remove the Kra’Vak failed. It is now time to take back the planet.

First Xeno War: Hephaestus
2-4 players
Repair station 24-2-8, “Hephaestus” is a New Anglian Confederation
repair and maintenance centre located on the border of Neu Swabian
space. During the Third Solar War, NAC allied NSL Kriegsraumflotte units
made use of the berthing facilities and dry docks at Hephaestus
battles with warships of the Federal Stats Europa. However, with the
declaration of the First Intersentient War against the Kra’Vak, the
of Utopia was eventually signed ending the Third Solar War.
units continue to use Hephaestus as does the occasional FSE ship.

Fleet Exercise: Everlight I, 2192
2-6 players
The First Xeno War rages on. Humanity is slowly falling back from the
Vak onslaught. New ships are being rapidly constructed and crew
and training is at a whole time high. The Everlight Exercise has been
created to be the final training test for crews about to reach
readiness. All nations are welcome to attend Everlight. The enigmatic
Vasku and even the Phalons have requested articipation. They have been
to aid human ships against the Kra’Vak during past engagements.


"Oh my god! They've summoned Cthulhu! You bastards!

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