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Re: [FT] - A couple more stange ideas

From: "Laserlight" <laserlight@q...>
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 16:28:17 -0400
Subject: Re: [FT] - A couple more stange ideas

  Perhaps a variant ADFC that would allow B1's to fire on
fighters within 12mu?  PDS would still only fire within 6mu and
B1's would  not have any better "to-hit" than normal, just be
able to shoot at targets farther away.

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From: Charles Stanley Taylor <>
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Subject: [FT] - A couple more stange ideas

> Just a couple more strange bits of kit I've dreamed up :-).
> Firstly:
> The Anti-Fighter Fire Control (AFFC)
> In the original FT2 rules, An ADAF could fire an _any_ fighters
> 6 mu, or any attacking a friendly ship that was within 6 mu,
the FB
> replacement, the ADFC only allows the latter case.
> The AFFC plugs this gap.
> For each AFFC installed on a ship, the ship can engage one
fighter group
> or SM swarm that is within 6 mu of it, whether or not the
fighters are
> attacking it, another friendly ship, or simply flying past.
> The AFFC does _not_ allow the ship to engage fighters beyond
this range,
> even if they are attacking a friendly ship that is within 6 mu.
> The ship will engage the fighters with its usual anti-figher
> (PDS, B1s, etc.).
> MASS: 2
> COST: 8
> The Advanced Area Defence Fire Control (AADFC)
> An advanced version of the ADFC, that adds AFFC (above)
> The AADFC system can function as either a ADFC, or an AFFC.
> MASS: 3
> COST: 12
> Secondly, a drive system for flying saucers, and other such
craft (ie.
> Borg cubes, spherical spaceships, etc.)
> Omnidirectional Drive System.
> Cinematic: This system functions as an Advanced drive system
(can use
> all thrust for turns), however, the drive distortion is not
fixed in one
> place, but varies as the ship turns, as follows: If the ship
> accellerates forwards, then the drive distortion is in the rear
> arc, as usual. If the ship decellerates, then the drive
distortion is in
> the forward arc, while the rear arc is clear.
> If the ship turns, then the drive distortion is in the arc
opposite the
> one the ship turned into - explaination:
> The ship does a 2-point turn to Port.
> So it has turned to face its previous Forward-Port Arc.
> So the drive distortion is in its Rear-Starbord arc.
> If the ship makes a turn of an od number of points, then the
> distortion blocks two arcs, thusly:
> The ship makes a 1 point turn to port, turning to face between
> previous F and FP arcs, so the distortion blocks both its A and
AS arcs.
> Alternatively in this last case, allow the ship to still fire
> the affected arcs, but double the range to target (ie. treat
target 12
> mu away as 24 mu away).
> MASS: 5% of Hull per point of Thrust (minimum 1)
> Vector: Use the rules on Advanced drives, they work this way
> Any thoughts?
> Charles.
> --

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