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[FT] - A couple more stange ideas

From: Charles Stanley Taylor <charles.taylor@c...>
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 20:37:56 +0100
Subject: [FT] - A couple more stange ideas

Just a couple more strange bits of kit I've dreamed up :-).

The Anti-Fighter Fire Control (AFFC)

In the original FT2 rules, An ADAF could fire an _any_ fighters within
6 mu, or any attacking a friendly ship that was within 6 mu, the FB
replacement, the ADFC only allows the latter case.

The AFFC plugs this gap.

For each AFFC installed on a ship, the ship can engage one fighter group
or SM swarm that is within 6 mu of it, whether or not the fighters are
attacking it, another friendly ship, or simply flying past.
The AFFC does _not_ allow the ship to engage fighters beyond this range,
even if they are attacking a friendly ship that is within 6 mu.
The ship will engage the fighters with its usual anti-figher weapons
(PDS, B1s, etc.).


The Advanced Area Defence Fire Control (AADFC)

An advanced version of the ADFC, that adds AFFC (above) functionality.
The AADFC system can function as either a ADFC, or an AFFC.

COST: 12

Secondly, a drive system for flying saucers, and other such craft (ie.
Borg cubes, spherical spaceships, etc.)

Omnidirectional Drive System.

Cinematic: This system functions as an Advanced drive system (can use
all thrust for turns), however, the drive distortion is not fixed in one
place, but varies as the ship turns, as follows: If the ship
accellerates forwards, then the drive distortion is in the rear fire
arc, as usual. If the ship decellerates, then the drive distortion is in
the forward arc, while the rear arc is clear.
If the ship turns, then the drive distortion is in the arc opposite the
one the ship turned into - explaination:
The ship does a 2-point turn to Port.
So it has turned to face its previous Forward-Port Arc.
So the drive distortion is in its Rear-Starbord arc.
If the ship makes a turn of an od number of points, then the drive
distortion blocks two arcs, thusly:
The ship makes a 1 point turn to port, turning to face between its
previous F and FP arcs, so the distortion blocks both its A and AS arcs.
Alternatively in this last case, allow the ship to still fire through
the affected arcs, but double the range to target (ie. treat target 12
mu away as 24 mu away).

MASS: 5% of Hull per point of Thrust (minimum 1)

Vector: Use the rules on Advanced drives, they work this way anyway!

Any thoughts?



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