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Re: Salvo missile escalation

From: stiltman@t...
Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 09:47:54 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Salvo missile escalation

> Stiltman wrote:
> >My experience is that having about 20-30 PDS per thousand points is a
> >good idea if the gloves are off.  Get much less than that and you're
> >asking to get swamped by missiles or fighters, and getting much more
> >than that and you're asking to get swamped by ships armed with beams
> >and pulse torps.

> That's 100-150 PDSs in a 5000-point battle... last time we discussed
> this you seemed to be quite emphatic that 60-80 PDSs in a battle this
> size was the norm in your group - or was it your personal fleets only,
> in which case you didn't say anything about your opponents' normal PD
> strengths?

That was for my own fleets -- and, I might add, that was for my own
with cloaking devices, level 2 screens, and (to be fair) not a whole lot
of expectation that I'd run into too many fighters, because my opponents
just plain don't bother flying them on me too often.  On the rare
that they've tried beating me at my own fighter superiority game it
hasn't worked too well so they feel more comfortable flying with
weaponry and working from that.  OTOH, I know that, so I wasn't (at the
flying as many PDS on my non-carrier fleets as I probably should have.

Shortly after that conversation, my opponents started pretty regularly
with closer to 100-150 PDS in our 5000-point battles.  I've come to the
conclusion that that's probably about the optimal range for such a task
that wants to have a balanced defense against all comers without using
fighters.  If you're using fighters, you can get away with a lot less;
you're not, that's probably about how many you want.

Don't worry about going over our May-June conversations... water under
bridge to me. :)
 The Stilt Man
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